Services Offered

Laptop and Computer Repair

All of the laptop and computer repair services we perform are done in-store at our location in San Diego. We believe that you should not have to outsource when there are people like us working with your computers and products. We understand the importance of computers in every day life and want to help you get back on the right track from issues that come up as soon as possible.

Our experienced computer service technicians provide a wide variety of computer services and repair on every device. These services also include chip level repairs that will cut your costs of paying for new parts or even a computer. Some of the work we do on computers and laptops includes:

  • Screen Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Hardware Spillage
  • Battery Replacements
  • Laptop Hinge Replacements
  • Laptop Touchpad Replacement
  • RAM upgrades
  • Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Migration Support
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Password Removal
  • Preventative Cleaning
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Data Backup

Malware and Virus Removal

Viruses attacks system in clever ways. If you find your computer performance slowing down considerably, then it might be because of a virus. Deleting programs and files that you feel might be taking up too much space on your computer may not exactly solve your problem. Even browsing the internet overloads your view with pop ups stating infections and malware have infected your computer. The dreaded "blue screen of death". If this is happening to you, you may have a virus on your computer and you need to get it removed.

Viruses infect your computer and destroy everything it can touch. Viruses are always evolving to find new ways to breach into systems while gathering private data and corrupting files.

If you suspect that are indeed viruses on your computer, then please take it to us for a diagnosis. Once we identify any viruses, we will perform virus removal. Once finished, your computer will be returned to you virus free and safe to use.

Macbook & iMac Repair

24/7 Computer Solutions is also a full-service Apple Service Provider that has several repair service options for your Mac. Most Mac repair services can usually be performed within 2-3 business days. We can even provide RAM upgrades to increase your Mac's speed.